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Letter Recognition (A) Letter Sounds Lowercase Sounds t.m.a.s.n.o Letter Shapes
Letter Recognition (a) Letter Sounds Uppercase Sounds b.r.i.h.l.d Letter Writing
Letter Recognition (Aa) Letter Sounds Upper Lower Sounds u.c.f.g.e.w Word Beginning  Endings
    Sounds v.z.k.j.q.y Alphabetical Word Order
Capital Letters Full Stops    
Punctuation Marks Commas Apostrophes  
Contractions Connectives Conjunctions    
Sentences Creating Sentences Adding Missing Words  

Parts of Speech
Nouns Adjectives Verbs Other Parts of Speech
Explain Parts of Speech Antonyms Synonyms  
Compound Words Homophones Homonyms Syllables Prefix Suffix Root Words
Reading for information
Comprehension   Following Instructions Reading for Information
Digger Spratt and Gang WW2 Spy Game    
Hangman Puzzles Crossword Puzzles Word Search Puzzles  
Reading for pleasure
Stories read to You
Miscellaneous Stories about festivals CBeebies Stories British Council Stories
Fairy Stories Stories with morals Greek Myths & Legends
Stories to Read
Easy Reading Harder Reading Hard Reading Even Harder Reading
Myths Legends Fables  
Rhyming Words
Rhyming Activities Nursery Rhymes    
Rhyming Words Reggie's Rhymes Rhyming Jigsaw Pieces Words Ending with .....
Spelling Activities Spelling Challenge   Spelling Activity Sets
High Frequency Words Silent Letters Consonant Cluster Blend  
Spelling Rules Escape the Maze Catch That Horse Catch That Thief
Words Ending In.... Word Jumble Activities Choose the First Letter Word Creation Games
Spelling Opposites Spelling Numbers 1-100 Spelling Adjectives  
Find the Words Word Shapes Spelling Match  
Vocabulary Activities      
Animals Colours Months of the Year Sport
Buildings Family Numbers Transport
Clothes and the Body Food Objects Tools  
Crossword Puzzles Hangman Puzzles Word Search Puzzles  
Vowels in General Long A Sounds Short Vowel Sounds Short A Sounds
  Long E Sounds   Short E Sounds
  Long I Sounds   Short I Sounds
Phoneme Postcards Long O Sounds   Short O Sounds
Phoneme Games Long U Sounds   Short U Sounds
Story Writing
Writing Stories Story Planning Story Ideas Beginnings/endings
Story Characters Describing Characters Story Scenes Story Scenes
Comic Strips Sequencing Pictures Story Writing Templates Interactive Storyboards
Writing in General Writing Poetry    

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